I want to make a calculater that takes input like 23 + 24 The two ints or floats plus the character in the same line Tried float a = Getfloat(); char c = GetChar(); float b = Getfloat();

With this code i am forced to press enter after every variable. Is there a way to get the inputs of these variables in a single line 23+24?


Yes there is. You can use scanf() from stdio.h.

As an example imagine you want to input 2 + 2.

An option can be the this:

int a, b;
char c;

scanf("%d", &a);
scanf(" %c", &c);
scanf("%d", &b);

Notice the space before the char placeholder, this is to ignore the spaces, don't needed if the input is 2+2, or the same in one line:

scanf("%d %c%d", &a, &c, &b);

Again the space between the first int and the char is to ignore the spaces.

More on scanf()

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