Recover.c appears to be working. Creates 15 jpgs and they look proper. Valgrnd suggests no memory leaks/losses. I am at a loss.

> :) recover.c exists :) recover.c compiles :( recovers 000.jpg
> correctly    \ killed by server :( recovers 001.jpg through 014.jpg
> correctly    \ killed by server :( recovers 015.jpg correctly    \
> killed by server

check50 sandbox link

Is it appropriate to post my code here? I don't believe I have any infinite loops of any kinds and does not seem to run slowly (though not sure how to really judge this). Miscellaneous note: I did not finish CS50 on edx last year and so I am morphing my prior recover.c code to this problem set. I used new raw file, etc. Code passed check50 last year just fine (with different raw file).

jharvard@appliance (~/Dropbox/CS50dropbox/pset4/jpg): time ./recover

real  0m0.077s user   0m0.012s sys    0m0.016s

Thank you for any help.


I solved this with help on CS50 reddit. I was opening a test jpeg along the way and even though all the numbered jpegs were correct, CHECK50 did not like the creation of an extra file.

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