I type in \\w.x.y.z\jharvard into address box on top of folder (where w.x.y.z is the IP address of the appliance - not literally w x y z but with the numbers in IP address at bottom right of the appliance), and i get an error message that "Windows cannot access \\w.x.y.z\Harvard"

Has anyone else encountered and solve this problem? The instructions appear in the How to Transfer Files between Appliance and Your Computer section of the manual. any help would be greatly appreciated.


I too encounter this exact problem.

But I found a workaround:

  1. In Windows host, create a folder named Shared.

  2. In VMWare, look a the library and find your CS50 Appliance (appliance50_2014_releases_29_appliance50-2014-vmware file).

  3. Right-click on it and choose Settings.
  4. Go to Options tab, then enable Shared Folders.
  5. Click Add button and go through the wizard to add the Shared folder previously mentioned.
  6. Click OK to finish the wizard.

Now, power on your CS50 Appliance (the appliance50_2014_releases_29_appliance50-2014-vmware file), then:

  1. Open File Manager, then File System, locate a folder named "mnt".
  2. Open the mnt folder, then hgfs. Windows' previously shared folder (Shared) should be there.
  3. Right-click on the Shared folder, choose "Send To" then choose "Side Pane (Create Shortcut)". This will create a shortcut on the File Manager for the shared folder for easy access.

Test this setup by transferring files from guest machine to host machine using the folder and vice versa. Try copying the files from your CS50 Appliance home directory to the shared directory, see if it is accessible in Windows.

While this does not resolve the issue but this is a workaround to transfer your files from CS50 Appliance to your Windows machine.

I'm running Windows 7 64-bit machine, surely hope this works on yours too.

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