I've just started doing pset4. I'm stuck in whodunit section itself, I've no idea about the questions in whodunit section. After opening the file, there are list of todo's corresponding to each number o through 18. Please tell me how I should proceed.

Thank you.


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I would say do not spend time worrying about how to fill in those 18 questions right now. Its simply a waste of time. What you should do is complete the whodunit lab first. Start by watching the whodunit walkthrough. Surprisingly, you will notice the walkthrough clears up and explains alot of the questions and the lab. Then later in the end, answering the 18 questions would be a breeze.

  • Hey thanks for the response to this question. I've been struggling on the WHODUNIT for a few days, So I will try this approach. Thanks Commented Aug 8, 2019 at 21:11

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