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Returning to cs50 2017

I have restarted doing cs50 from 2017 after 3 months away. Upon loading up the IDE, it requested an update which I allowed it to do. I'm going through my old problem sets as a refresher, but when I ...
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Pset6 2017 Sentiments WebServer running problem

I have a problem running Pset6. I'm following instructions. I have set access rights, run flask and then click "CS50 IDE" -> "Web Server" in the left top corner and have an exception "Error opening ...
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Where to start in addMarker() function?

Hello, everyone. All tasks befor addMarker were done, and results are true, as I can see. I'm working on function addMarker(), and I don't really understand how it should work. I'm not very strong ...
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PSET6 2016 - Says all is neutral

When I tested tweets after implementing, I found that it said that every single tweet was neutral (The twitter account I used was @realDonaldTrump). I believe it has something to do with ...
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Pset6 - Greedy to python - while loop not restarting && float issues

As Zamyla states in this video a do while C loop can be translated to this python pseudo-code where an invalid input will re-prompt the user. While True: # prompt user if condition: ...
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