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403 Forbidden Error - Pset7 When Testing Server [duplicate]

I'm just starting Pset7 and I followed the spec's directions exactly (on how to use chmod on the ~/workspace/pset7/public directory and on the files and folders that are in it), but then when I tried ...
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403 Forbidden - When Trying To Access HTML

In the first HTML lecture, Malan gives instructions on accessing an html page in the CS50 IDE as an external user. I ran update50. I started the apache50 server successfully. I tried to access my ...
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Pset7: Forbidden 403

I've redone the steps per spec several times, but still get "403 Forbidden" when I try visiting No helpful response from the terminal is found. Some posts suggest that ...
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error message " Connection for controluser as defined in your configuration failed." in phpmyadmin [duplicate]

I changed my email address attached to my edx account, and after that my grades dissipated. Rob fixed this for me, but now I have the problem listed in this thread (error message " Connection for ...
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Pset7 - Forbidden 403. I can't even get started

I have done a ton of research online regarding this problem and have found several similar threads, but none of those solutions are working for me. I saw somebody posted the same question yesterday ...
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How do I submit a bug report to the ide50 maintainers?

Abstract: There is a problem with version 59 of ide50. I have found a workaround, which I am sharing widely -- but I'd really like to alert the upstream package maintainers of the bug, so they can ...
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can't get the site to run

i'm almost done with the pset7 and this happend , something has gone wrong and cant figure it out . first i couldn't get the apache50 to start then i found this on web "echo > ~/lib/apache2/log/error....
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