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Finance - register: Always getting 500 error

I am struggling with the implementation of register. I started small, just copied the content of the already defined login-function as well as the content of login.html. So, my first attempt is just ...
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CS50 Finance Internal Server Error RuntimeError: near "' '": syntax error

I'm working on the register section of When I've typed in the username and password and hit register, I get an internal server error. I'm assuming that pbkdf2:sha256:150000$uJ2F7qcX$...
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Rendering a template with a basic code and the ip throws a 500 internal error

code from flask import Flask, render_template app = Flask(name) @app.route("/") def index(): return render_template("index.html") created a folder called template in the same folder where this ...
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Finance - Quote - 500 Internal Server Error

I'm really at a loss after trying to get Quote to work for the past two days. I'm able to get the quote.html page to seemingly work but the json query and transfer to quoted.html returns a 500 "...
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pset7 Internal Server Error register... 'ValueError' object has no attribute 'name'

I am getting an Internal Server error whenever I click on "Register"... However, the terminal window points me to a line that is not part of my code (this section: def errorhandler(e): """Handle ...
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Similarities (more) Internal server error

I get a 500 Internal server error whenever I press the score button to go to 'score.html'. My code works fine. I think the problem is with my Matrix.html page. Please help. ...