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1 answer

Parse problem [505] and no one can find the problem :O

This is my parse function: I keep getting a 505 error and I can't wrap my head around what is going wrong. Why can't my code figure out that the line is GET / HTTP/1.1 I hope someone could help me ...
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1 answer

PSET6 - server.c - 505 Error

When I try to run server.c, it's returning the 505 error, which is very confusing to me. I built the code separating everything out in a separate .c file to make sure everything works correctly, and I ...
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1 answer

Pset6 - Server.c gives me 505 error (HTTP Version Not Supported)

When trying to access cat.html in pset6 on my local host, I get a 505: HTTP Version Not Supported error in both the browser and the terminal where my server is running. According to my server.c code, ...
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