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Lab 4 - header vs &header

''' const int HEADER_SIZE = 44; uint8_t header[HEADER_SIZE]; // with & fread(&header, HEADER_SIZE, 1, input); fwrite(&header, HEADER_SIZE, 1, output); // without & fread(header, ...
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pointers and addresses

int m=10; int *ab=&m; printf("address of *ab:%p\n",&*ab); printf("adress of ab:%p\n",&ab); output: address of *ab:0x7ffd85fddefc adress of ab:0x7ffd85fddf00 i ...
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Confusion about comparing strings and int/char

This question concerns variables, pointers and addresses as addressed in Lecture 4. I understand that strings are not "real" in the way that integers and characters are, and are just defined as "...
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pointers to character

I have a question about character pointers and the addresses that it points to. So I have this lines of code char* name = "Any name"; printf("%s\n", name); printf("%p\n", name); name = "Any other ...
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resize rewrite method

I've just successfully completed resize less. It took me a lot of time, but, final correction that I needed to make surprised me a lot. There was a huge mess of RGB triples when my fwrite function was ...
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