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tokens in analyzer and tweets not working ? - sentiments - pset 6

i ve been reading post because the tokens is not working in the analyzer and i don t understand how come in all post i ve red about tweets there are no tokens at all (but zamyla said to use the tokens ...
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if !(line.startswith(';')):

Is there a way to use the ! symbol or another symbol with the line below? Though the following syntax is wrong, I have it here to illustrate what I am aiming for if !(line.startswith(';')): ...
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Analyzer Pset6 does not work

just started this and have quite a bit trouble getting used to python despite having read all the courseware. My code keeps returning a neutral face. What is wrong? Thanks. import nltk class ...
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pset6: why is my version of the analyzer not working?

For, I think my code works for defining the first part: instantiation of the analyzer, but not for defining the second: analyze. Please see the failing part of my code below. Also, I have ...
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pset6 tweets, and

I've been stuck here for a while, any help would be appreciated, thanks I'm getting this error on the console while trying to run ./tweets @cs50: ~/workspace/pset6/sentiments/ $ ./tweets @cs50 ...
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Help with please?

I've watched and rewatched the lecture and walkthroughs on pset6, and read the tokenizer documentation. Here's my code. Can someone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong? import nltk ...
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