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Final Project - Help with setting up website

I'm currently starting my final project, a website I'm attempting to create. I'm running into some trouble, however, in setting up the website. To be more clear, I was watching the bootstrap tutorial ...
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Ubuntu password required when starting apache 50 - pset7

Up until now the apache50 in de CS50 IDE was running perfectly. Suddenly when I want to start apache50 the message: [sudo] password for ubuntu: is shown in the terminal. What password should I enter ...
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pset6 apache50 "Permission denied"

When I tried running CS50's staff solution to pset6 with ~cs50/pset6/server public, I get Stopping server. apache50 stop gave me "Apache is not running!" It occurred to me to try apache50 restart, ...
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problem in opening phpmyadmin and cs50 finance in pset7

first there were some permission errors so apache won't work. After some help I ran a few commands and the permission errors went away but now on opening phpMyAdmin and cs50 finance some weird php ...
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unable to start apache

while doing pset7 first phpMyAdmin wasn't working, so I searched online and ran a few commands on the terminal and now even apache is not working and shows the following error: Starting web server ...
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PSet7 - Unable to start apache50 - can't continue work :(

When i run apache50 start ~/workspace/pset7/public, i get the following errors: /etc/init.d/apache2: 71: /etc/profile.d/ Syntax error: "(" unexpected /etc/init.d/apache2: 71: /etc/profile.d/...
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I only get forbidden 403 pset7

I can not get the page to work The phpmyadmin i can enter. I have followed the instructions given and ive tried to re do it if i missed something but that where not ...
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I cant access files from chrome for practicing web development

I have just finished watching the section on php for web developemnt, I just downloaded the source code of the examples taught in that video and was trying visit those files myself by running apache ...
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How do I submit a bug report to the ide50 maintainers?

Abstract: There is a problem with version 59 of ide50. I have found a workaround, which I am sharing widely -- but I'd really like to alert the upstream package maintainers of the bug, so they can ...
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can't get the site to run

i'm almost done with the pset7 and this happend , something has gone wrong and cant figure it out . first i couldn't get the apache50 to start then i found this on web "echo > ~/lib/apache2/log/error....
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