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Runtime Error: API_KEY not set

In Pset8, I continue to get the "API_KEY" not set runtime error, even though i crosschecked with: echo $API_KEY and the response was: AIzaSyDKcW1m49qo95kiJFTpGWTUrj3Iyi-xloA which matched the key ...
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API_KEY and API_SECRET are shown using set | grep API_KEY, but error nonetheless

I have set my API_KEY and API_SECRET. I can actually see them using set | grep API_KEY. The correct KEY is shown API_KEY in red and then the exact same value of the API_KEY. I checked, no spaces ...
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Error in pset6 API Key not set

I'm getting this error, I have been working to make it work but i can't. I followed the instructions on setting up the API_KEY value: Traceback (most recent call last): File "tweets", line 25, in ...