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pset5: Resize does not consistently work

I am having a problem with resize. I can resize smiley.bmp perfectly at X1, X2, and X10, but not for factors between 2 and 10--I just get an abstract blob of colors. I assume this has something to do ...
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I don't understand how to change header info and how it is implemented

I don't understand how the new image will implement new data i imput in like new_biWidth or new_biheigh. I added this new variables in bmp.h and I asigned to them same tipes of data like the old ones. ...
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Resize Adding Too Much Padding

I'm really struggling with resize on pset4. My loop is adding too much padding, I think by a factor of the scale. I'm still working on the horizontal stretch portion of the program. I'm pretty sure ...
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pset 4, resize.c is not working

Here is the code for resize.c I am stuck for quite some time now and i am not able to figure out where i am wrong. please help. bi.biHeight = height*n; bi.biWidth = width*n; // determine new padding ...
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biWidth x biHeight x bytes per pixel != biSizeImage

The data is from clue.gmb run by copy Why is biSizeImage and bfSize 2 bytes larger than expected? Is this an inherent property of bitmap images that I'm not aware of, or is something else going on? ...
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