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[pset7][Finance-SELL] bootsrap select list to accept symbol(from jinja2 Template) and pass it on to the flask

I was able to create a select list using bootstrap for my 'sell.html': <div class="form-group"> <select class="form-control","input-group" id="sel1" autocomplete="off" autofocus name="...
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loading bootstrap to IDE

could you pls help me to load the Bootstrap 4 library to IDE? I want to have compiled css and js. CDN ver is not useful for me because I want to have custom styles. So now I do it like this: load ...
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How do I cluster markers on a googlemap?

For my final project I'm creating a google map web app - building from what we learned in Pset8. I've got over 1,000 locations to add to my map - which looks pretty crowded, as you can see: I'm ...
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Can't pass input value from HTML to python (Final project)

I can't pass inputted in HTML form value to python via request.form.get('name'). I watсhed youtube and found original function request.form['name'] that doesn't work as well. Even tried to pass values ...
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Final Project - Help with setting up website

I'm currently starting my final project, a website I'm attempting to create. I'm running into some trouble, however, in setting up the website. To be more clear, I was watching the bootstrap tutorial ...
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