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0 votes
1 answer

Breakout Bricks coding caused segmentation-fault error! HELP!

After coding my Bricks for BREAKOUT, I get Segmentation error and my Paddle, Ball, and Scoreboard no longer appear! The bricks look great, but everything else disappeared and I get the fault error. ...
0 votes
1 answer

pset3 Ball not detecting bricks

I have used detectCollision to make the ball bounce off the paddle. I have tried to use it to make the ball bounce of the bricks but it does not. Actually, it does not compile. This is the piece of ...
1 vote
1 answer

Breakout - bounce off brick- why do I need to check for object == NULL?

When using detectCollision to get the ball to bounce off the paddle, I just need to check if detectCollison returns the object "paddle" and if so, reverse the movement. But for the brick, I have to ...
1 vote
0 answers

Ball mysteriously passes through one specific block, but successfully collides with all others, when block height is less than 11 [closed]

This problem is fixed but enlarging the block height from 10 to 11, however I'm wondering why it happened in the first place One of the GRects (or in my case, I used GRoundRect), or "block", doesn't ...