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Final Project - Help with setting up website

I'm currently starting my final project, a website I'm attempting to create. I'm running into some trouble, however, in setting up the website. To be more clear, I was watching the bootstrap tutorial ...
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Chmoding in IDE caused out of disc space

Bad news I was trying to change permissions for PSET8. Cmoded all directories in PSET8 directory according to instructions from pset8.html, that did not work - 403 error. Then I decided to ...
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403 Forbidden Error - Pset7 When Testing Server [duplicate]

I'm just starting Pset7 and I followed the spec's directions exactly (on how to use chmod on the ~/workspace/pset7/public directory and on the files and folders that are in it), but then when I tried ...
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PSET7: web server permissions problem

Just started pset7 and can't get the web server to load. I've read about this all over the place but can't get anything to work as of yet. Now I've resorted to wiping the whole workspace clean (after ...
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Pset7 Register.php error [duplicate]

I have filled in register_form and register.php (still have not done the //TODO portion). But when I go to my site, and click register, I get two errors: ( ! ) Warning: Unknown: failed to open ...
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How do I submit a bug report to the ide50 maintainers?

Abstract: There is a problem with version 59 of ide50. I have found a workaround, which I am sharing widely -- but I'd really like to alert the upstream package maintainers of the bug, so they can ...
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chmod doesn't work on individual files?

When I do something like chmod 000 dir I don't see the directory when I open the server but when I do this on individual files and not the directory chmod 000 file.php I still see that file in my ...
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