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2 answers

Pset3 Breakout: Question on variable scope in while loop

I'm working through pset3 and noticed that when I declare my ball's velocities outside the while loop, my collisions against the wall's edges work, i.e. the ball bounces away, but when the velocities ...
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ball colliding with scoreboard

Just as the title says. When I remove the function to make the scoreboard the ball moves past the middle of the screen. I've tried using draw() and sendToBack() on the label thinking the ball would ...
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2 answers

Ball moving problems

I’m having some problem with the movement and collisions of the ball. I’ve searched for answers here but I still cannot figure out how to do what they suggested. The ball gets stuck in the paddle ...
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Ball mysteriously passes through one specific block, but successfully collides with all others, when block height is less than 11 [closed]

This problem is fixed but enlarging the block height from 10 to 11, however I'm wondering why it happened in the first place One of the GRects (or in my case, I used GRoundRect), or "block", doesn't ...
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