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CS50W Project 2 Commerce - Missing Button

I'm currently working on the commerce project for CS50W. I'm working on the page to create a listing and i've set up my form. However for some reason the code I'm using to display the category is ...
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What do we mean by "close" auction.?

In the Project, one of the objectives is: If the user is signed in and is the one who created the listing, the user should have the ability to “close” the auction from this page, which makes the ...
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Specification imposes a 5-minute length limit on videos

I have made a youtube video on Commerce project which exceed 5 minutes. For this cause, my Project2: Commerce submission grading failed. How can I submit the project again. Please help me anybody.
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Return confirm in javascript not working

I have the following JS code in my HTML, but no confirm windows shows when pressing the button - what is wrong? <script> function confirmSubmit() { var retVal = confirm("Are you ...
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