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Flask/Python PSET9 Finance -- Using PRINT() to debug

Having some problems with INDEX that I figure printing variable content to console will help me solve. BUT no matter what I try, print(variable) doesn't result in anything at all on the console/...
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pset8- AddMarkers, not even working to for a simple console.log() test

Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my code? It seems like a simple debug test with console.log() isn't even executing properly: function addMarker(place) { $.getJSON(Flask.url_for("...
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1 answer

can not open my files or use the console

So - I have encountered this problem - when I log into I can not open any files or run the terminal (the file display area and terminal are just blank grey and do not react). I am not sure ...
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VIM: Buffer has changed?

Here I am, happily answering the questions in PSET4 inside VIM, my editor of choice, when it at the time of saving my work screams about the buffer being changed. Warning: File "questions.txt" has ...
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how to boot the appliance in console only mode?

I don't own a resource rich machine, running appliance upon a hypervisor and many other apps consume a lot of resources. What I want to do is to boot the appliance in console only mode, and then ssh ...
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