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1 answer

Problem Set 1 - greedy.c - Program hangs when GetFloat() used

I have a problem with my code for "greedy.c". Essentially, the user is asked to enter an amount, but when the user enters an amount other than 0, the program stops and does not function any further, ...
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1 answer

program crash due to some unknown memory crash

receiving the following error in the program- corrupted size vs. prev_size Aborted it runs fine with small texts such as cat.txt but not with bigger ones such as lalaland.txt could anyone kindly ...
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1 answer

Pset Cash CS 50 - need help

It compiles without any problems, but when I try to execute it, the Terminal crashes. Do I get in some infinite loops here? I would appreciate some help - thanks a lot! #include <cs50.h> #...
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Appliance crash

My appliance seems to crash (screen goes black and prompts password for login) whenever I run breakout from pset3. I have no problem compiling and running the program but after a few seconds the ...
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