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crack, Different passwords produce the same HASH

i have a hard time understanding the crypt function and since there aren't any technical details of how it works out there, i tested it and i observed that it is producing the same hash for different ...
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Unexpected variable change

Variable hash1 becames equal hash2 after operator hash2 = crypt(key,"50");. #define _XOPEN_SOURCE #include <unistd.h> #define alphalen 52 #define halfalphalen 26 #define plen 5 #include <...
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My crack code works for rofl but not for all

My crack code works for the rofl code but not for all I tried two other codes and I don't know why was it not able to crack thos codes even when I increased my range of characters for search #define ...
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crypt key char concatenation (pset2/crack)

I have created a series of for loops to iterate through every combination of a 4 letter long password (i j k l). I wish to enter each iteration into the crypt function but what I have been trying has ...
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Where can I link libraries to the debugger in

I need to debug a program that uses the crypt library, so I have to use -lcrypt, but the debugger automatically uses Make. How can I tell it to use Clang with arguments?
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