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Use this tag to refer to the questionnaires that are given at the end of problem sets.

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PSET6 Similarities Web Form Errors "Cannot POST /compare" and no CSS

I was able to get compare to work properly via the terminal though the web application keeps throwing "Cannot POST /compare" and index.html doesn't show any CSS. The page shows the layout info but no ...
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Cant submit pset3 form

"Sorry, but this form is no longer accepting submissions."error Are we not supposed to submit the form?
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jQuery form field validation?

I finished all my psets, and was working on trying to implement some javascript in with the PHP forms we built in pset7. It seems that by building the template and the view based upon the CS50 ...
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Can't access pset3 form for part 2 of submission

This link Redirects here instead
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Is it necessary to submit the forms of all the psets to get an Honor code certificate?

All of my cs50x problem sets are graded without having submitted the forms at the end of the problem set specifications. Are these forms mandatory if you want the Honor Code certificate? The forms ...
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