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1k views does not contain all of the required information

I am doing CS50W course, Web Development with Python and JS. The Capstone project requires a file. Requirements defined here: CS50W Capstone Requirements I have changed and submitted my ...
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completion and verified certificate

so i have completed all my psets with a score of atleast 70 % and higher , but i dont see any green banner on my gradebook page saying that i have passed or something..? another thing, for my final ...
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Looking for Teammates for a CS50x Final Project – "Harvard vs Yale Asteroids" Game

I am nearing the completion of CS50x and am excited to dive into my final project, which involves transforming a game I developed "week 0" in Scratch into a JavaScript version. The game, ...
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The submission of the Final Project doesn't work 2023

I've just finished my final project and submitted it in the project directory of my code space. I can see all I want in my git, as you can see in the photo below. Submitting gives me a link, as usual, ...
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Cs50 Final Project

I currently finished all Weeks and have the final project left. I am planning to start with it very soon, I have two questions :- Will i be able to redo the project if I get a grade that is less than ...
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CS50 Final Project done using Swift

Ive made my final project on XCode using Swift and I need to know how to submit this using submit50.
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final project LOVE lua moving text enemy (e.g space invader enemies)

So I am making a space shooter vocabulary game where you are in a spaceship and you have to shoot the right spellings of words if you shoot the wrong ones then you lose a life but the thing is I am ...
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FINAL PROJECT for cs50! can i make a game using unity and c#?

I just want to know if its ok to submit a game made with Unity using c# for the final project or do I need to make a game with LOVE2d using lua only?
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Who can help me with a hint for private messaging system user to user?

I want to add this feature to my final project and I do not know how to build the db tables relationships (foreign keys... PK) to get it and how to write the code the messages between users to be ...
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