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Breakout: having trouble tripling my ball

I am using a similar syntax and method to the one used to spawn multiple bricks. I first use a function in my Powerup class to put three ball classes in one table: function Powerup.triple(x, y, skin) ...
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Problem with getting assignment8 to work on Unity

I'm at assignment 8 of cs50games (or gd50, not sure which name is preferred), Helicopter game, the first one using Unity, and I'm having trouble opening the project. Sadly the assignment project wasn'...
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CS50G Breakout LevelMaker Class

In Lecture 2 when the LevelMaker class was updated,there was a code on line 87 which consisted of b = Brick(...) what is the Brick here? (I know Brick is a class but in the LevelMaker class we didnt ...
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