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I am not sure If there is something I am missing when it comes to working with images. Check50 keeps rejecting my code but it works as expected

CS50 P-Shirt When I run my python script, the result is exactly as expected(looks like it is) but check50 says that the code doesn't correctly display the shirt on the muppets. from PIL import Image, ...
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CS50P PSet 6 check50 problem for scourgify

I managed to write the code to make the csv specific, yet the last two checks for check50 are still coming as errors. Here is my code: import csv import sys students = [] if len(sys.argv) < 3: ...
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CS50P, Problem Set 6, CS50 P-Shirt – what more does check50 need here?

I am working through CS50P, just finishing off Problem Set 6. The last problem in the set is entitled: CS50 P-Shirt. I can see that my program creates images exactly as required, and it ...
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