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How can I use debug50 when it says "Command not found" every time I try to run it?

I am using cs50 sandbox and have tried to use debug50 over the past few weeks with no luck; I keep googling, watching CS50 videos, not just Professor Malan's lectures, but also Professor Doug Lloyd's ...
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1 answer

How to add files to Desktop in CS50 Sandbox

I am wondering how to add files to the desktop in CS50 Sandbox. If you are wondering how to make a desktop, here is a list of step by step insturctions. Open CS50 Sandbox. Click on the plus. Click ...
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Not able to access CS50 sandbox

I am not finding the link that directs me to CS50 sandbox. So, I am using the CS50 IDE. But when I am submitting the assignment in CS50 IDE the score is not getting updated. What should I do??
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