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Why do I get the path error to view the contents of a single email in the below code.?

In the inbox.js file I am trying to listen for a click event for each email single_email_div and send it to the email view in inbox.js function load_mailbox(mailbox) { // Show the mailbox ...
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CS50W project3 archiving view function returns no content for Fetch() request to be detected as complete

I am at the stage of archiving emails in project 3. since The PUT request to /emails/email_id (which is connected to a view that marks emails as archived) returns an HttpResponse of 204 with no ...
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Mail CS50 Web - How to Send Email (API not working)

I'm very new to Javascript and working on mail, project 3 for CS50 web. I've been working on just sending the email initially, for about a week and I'm getting very discouraged. I can't seem to get ...
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CS50w / Project 3 - Mail / Inbox showing duplicates

I'm currently on Project 3 in CS50 Web and pretty much completed it. However, there seems to be a bug in unarchiving emails. Whenever I click the unarchive button and it reloads the Inbox, there seems ...
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Q: CS50w project3. I keep getting this error: Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'appendChild') at new_thing

I am working on CS50 Web project 3 and I keep getting this error Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'appendChild') at new_thing here is my function function ...
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CS50w 2020 project3: mail does not show new sent mail after sending

I am almost finished with project 3: mail of CS50w 2020. The only problem is that when I send a new mail to someone the sent page loads without showing the new mail I just sent. I added event....