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I am on CS50 course. I use google chrome and vscode within chrome. The rubber duck debugger gives the following error when I click on it. "Error load

I am on CS50 course. I use google chrome and vscode within chrome. The rubber duck debugger gives the following error when I click on it. "Error loading webview: Error: Could not register service ...
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How to write command line arguments when debugging Codes in VScode

I am new to the programming world this being my first course actually, and I am currently working on the 4th week assignment "recover". And as I had to do before in previous assignments(...
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debug50 error in online IDE: 'MODULE_NOT_FOUND'

While working on pset3 tideman problem, I attempted to use the debugger and got this error in return. the debugger opens and then closes immediately, and generates the below text. How can i resolve ...
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I've run ceasar and i get a segmentation fault, but the debugger is working through perfectly and giving me the result i need. can you tell me why?

#include <cs50.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #include <ctype.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main (int argc, string argv[]) { if (argc <2 || ! isdigit(argv[1]) {...
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CS50IDE Debugger quits at random times

I'm having having trouble with the debugger just vanishing at random points in my code. It's different points every time and will go right past if I start again. Anyone else had a similar problem?
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gdb vs debug50 for debugging

A very general question, but I want to make sure I am getting into good habits with debugging. I'm currently starting pset5 speller and keep seeing comments about running the "gdb debugger" but I'm ...
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Pset3 Music random interger stored

I am writing the frequency function for pset 3, and I'm taking the input string note and storing the character that denotes the octave number in an integer called octave1. I've been getting some ...
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How to use the GNB debugger

I have got to the home/cs50 directory in the terminal window.But I am still unable to open the GDB command i.e. GDB. So, can anyone please help me with a step by step approach to activating the GDB ...
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Pset4 Recover: Able to recover all images except first!

I find this behaviour really strange, please help! My code shows a segmentation fault when I compile and run it and just opens a blank 000.jpg, recovering no other image. But when I run debug50 to ...
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CS50 IDE Debugger stops after having executed the code line at breakpoint

The debugger itself seems to work fine, but my problem is : When I set a breakpoint in the gutter and then I properly run the debugger, the code stop at my breakpoint, but it doesn't stop before ...
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CS50 IDE debugger, where is it?

I'm on pset two an just came across the debugging lessons, in he videos theres a run and debug button on the toppart of the screen, but I cannot find it on the IDE I saw some secreenshts and seems ...
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I don't have the C GDB Debugger runner option. How do I get it?

In the screenshot below, I have no "C GDB Debugging" runner option. I tried to make my own runner for the debugger by following these steps, but when I try to run it I have the same issue as this ...
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I dont have dubug tab on my cs50 ide, how can i debug.Here is the screen shot

I want to debug the program but no debug tab is there which is shown in pset3 video. Whats the problem.
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CS50 IDE Debugger; not running as expected

When I set a breakpoint in my program and run the debugger, it just stalls on "Listening on port ..." without stopping at a breakpoint, allowing me to view local variables (nor does it even display ...
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2 answers

Debugger hangs on "listening on port 15470"

Hello I am doing trying to use the debugger in cs50 IDE. However it will always hang here on "listening to port 15470" after I click the "run" button. I have no idea what the problem is or how to ...
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Where can I link libraries to the debugger in

I need to debug a program that uses the crypt library, so I have to use -lcrypt, but the debugger automatically uses Make. How can I tell it to use Clang with arguments?
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Debugger not working properly for pset4?

I'm working on pset4 and trying to do the following: Allow us to suggest that you also run copy within GDB while answering these questions as follows: Click Debug atop CS50 IDE, which ...
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Debugger button missing

I'm presently working on the pset3 sort and search functions and I've found that the debugger button is missing from the menu bar, the viewer is still on the right, but my ability to place breakpoints ...
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Debugger stopped working in recover .c (while loop)

I dont understand why my debugger stops working on this line of code while(fread(buf1, sizeof(BYTE) * 512, 1, file) == 512 && buf1[0] != 0xff && buf1[1] != 0xd8 && buf1[2] != ...
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Not able to debug a program using Debugger

I keep getting the this message again and again. bash: line 1: pset3/find/sort.c: No such file or directory ...
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CS50 debugger hangs [duplicate]

The CS50 debugger hangs at Remote Debugging from Host when I debug a program. The debugger is not able to debug a simple program like Hello World. This has been happening since yesterday. ...
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3 answers

Debugger not working in cs50 online ide

Hi I am doing cs50 and for the past few days the debugger on the ide is not responding. Whenever i press debug with breakpoints provided it just stops at the following point: What should I do? Edit: ...
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debugger hanging in PSET5

There have been several posts on this subject, none describe my problem. I have emptied (commented out) all code in each function in dictionary.c so the program should run straight through with no ...
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Debugging Webserver in C

I have an error in my server.c file for PSET6 but have no idea how to find it. I am trying to use GDB and it does not seem to be very useful. I would love some help learning how to better debug this ...
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How to pipe PRNg into find.c debug GUI?

I searched through both GBD shorts, but couldn't figure out how the pseude-random numbers can be accessed from within, or piped into, the graphical debugger!? If it`s simply not possible, please let ...
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Problem with CS50 IDE Debugger

I am on Pset4 and running debugger. I don't know why the debugger stop when I "step over" in line 30 (fopen syntax). Although my coding is running on terminal with ./resize.... Here is the screenshot ...
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pset4 debugger stopping

In the copy.c program, when my debugger reaches line 37 FILE* outptr = fopen(outfile, "w"); I can step into it twice, but then the debugger immediatley exits with this prompt Compiling /home/ubuntu/...
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Debugging a program using command line arguments

When I start debugging a program it automatically runs it without any command line arguments. How am I supposed to run it if I want to use some command line arguments?
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Debugger hangs on "Remote debugging from host"

I've looked through this site and google, and can't figure out why this is happening. I'm trying to debug problem set 5, but the debugger in the cs50 IDE isn't responding. I'm seeing the "Remote ...
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