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How to write command line arguments when debugging Codes in VScode

I am new to the programming world this being my first course actually, and I am currently working on the 4th week assignment "recover". And as I had to do before in previous assignments(...
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Pset2 readability

im trying to write this code in a particular way but my programme seems to keep getting the letter counts wrong. running debug 50 it seems that the bool i have created (letter) does not change from ...
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Pset3 Music random interger stored

I am writing the frequency function for pset 3, and I'm taking the input string note and storing the character that denotes the octave number in an integer called octave1. I've been getting some ...
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Credit (Problem Set 1)

I'm new to programming, and I'm giving the credit card problem (from Problem Set 1) a try. So far, I've run into two problems. The first is that I'm not sure how I'm supposed to loop the output so ...
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Does IDE50 offer an an "Immediate" window or the ability to use breakpoints/watches?

I'm trying to debug some C code, and the Dubugging feature built into IDE50/Cloud9 doesn't seem to work with C. Is there a way for me to perform common debugging tasks in IDE50 like add breakpoints, ...
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How to initiate debug50 when a variable reaches a certain value?

I am working on recover.c and I need to debug my code by watching the variable states. However, stepping through the program 400 times in a loop is not very easy, how can I set up the debugger so that ...
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debugging cs50 finance query function (php)

I got this piece of piece code from csfinance from a few years ago. I was wondering how I can printf the error code on the very last else when the query gets returned as false? (for example if its a ...
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I don't have the C GDB Debugger runner option. How do I get it?

In the screenshot below, I have no "C GDB Debugging" runner option. I tried to make my own runner for the debugger by following these steps, but when I try to run it I have the same issue as this ...
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Why does my program return a blank jpeg?

I have started recover.c in pset4. I have decided to approach the problem step by step, so first task is recovering the first jpeg. enter code here FILE* file = fopen("card.raw", "r"); ...
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