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Cs50 Final Project

I currently finished all Weeks and have the final project left. I am planning to start with it very soon, I have two questions :- Will i be able to redo the project if I get a grade that is less than ...
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Readability in C passes tests on instructions page but when submitting, only 2/11 pass

I've written all of my code and tested that the letter, sentence and word output is counting correctly, which it seems to be. I even tested with all of the sentences on the instructions page and that ...
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0 answers

completion and verified certificate

so i have completed all my psets with a score of atleast 70 % and higher , but i dont see any green banner on my gradebook page saying that i have passed or something..? another thing, for my final ...
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Did the whole course on 2014. My grades and certificate are gone

So, I'm in shock right now. I successfully took this course on 2014, got a certificate and achieved full score on CS50 course through EdX. 4 years later, I decided I wanted to post my certificate on ...
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