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1 answer

What is the difference in behavior between fread and feof?

For pset4's recover.c code, I noticed the following: when I set my while loop to be while (!feof(inptr)), all the images get recovered, including the last, but check50 throws an error (TODO) when ...
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2 answers

PSET 4 Recover Help with reading 512 byte blocks.

I'm having some trouble trying to read and loop through the card.raw file. I'm not running into any errors though I can't figure out why when I call fread I continually get 0 as a return value. My ...
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2 votes
1 answer

pset4 recover I'm confused with fread

I'm pretty confused with recover. I've seen in previous posts that it is wrong to use feof , but the problem is that when I use fread the images won't show. However, when I use feof I can see all ...
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