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Printf function

How can I create a printf function in Linux? Have used #include <stdarg.h> to undef printf to _printf, how will I create my own printf function?
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C++ at CS50 ide

While trying to compile c++ files at CS50 ide it seemed to be not supported by clang .. is there a specific way to fix that or it's not supported at all ? Thanks in advance
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cs50.h - no such file or directory

I am on Windows 10 and using Atom and GCC instaed of because I have limited internet access. I downloaded cs50.c and cs50.h and put them in the same directory as my string.c file. I compiled ...
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cc or clang and GNU make utility

while configuring my own system (Debian) to behaves like cs50-appliance I did realize that there is a variable, CC, that I had have to change its value to "clang". And looks like, by default, Debian ...
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automatically link cs50 when using make? - not using appliance

On Ubuntu 14.10, how to automatically link cs50.h when using make, without needing to link it manually like with GCC. I need to make cs50 link automatically when I call make on my c file. When I use ...
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