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why, if coding in python, get_float accepts an int like 2 but not a float like 0.41?

In the pset6, exercise cash, get_float accepts an int like 2 but not a float like 0.41? This is a snippet from my python code: from cs50 import get_float owed = get_float("Change owed: ") ...
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What is the GetFloat function?

GetFloat: I do not quite understand what GetFloat is. I tried to find my answer in the lecture videos, but I didn't get it, help? Thanks.
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Problem Set 1 - greedy.c - Program hangs when GetFloat() used

I have a problem with my code for "greedy.c". Essentially, the user is asked to enter an amount, but when the user enters an amount other than 0, the program stops and does not function any further, ...
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GetFloat() is not working well in greedy

I just try to run this simply code but wtihout success. Seems that there is no exit from the loop or even getFloat() is not working as printf inside do while loop is not executed. https://gist.github....
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