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I can get the chrome plugin work, can I still get the certificate? [duplicate]

Chrome just doesn't cooperate. I googled a bit and it turns out this happened. If I skip this, will I be able to receive the CS50 certificate? If not, please SAVE me! How can I resolve this?
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Google Earth frame is displayed in front of javascript alerts

When I click start engine in the right rail of the application, an alert is displayed behind the Google Earth frame of the Harvard Yard. I cannot click on any items that are displayed on this alert, ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Google Earth plugin becomes blank when debug tool is opened to view console

I'm working on pset8 on a Windows 7 machine with plenty of resources. When I open up the JavaScript Debugger in Chrome to interact with the console, the Harvard Yard displayed in Google Earth goes ...
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2 answers

Blank Google Earth plugin screen

After writing the pickup and chart functions, the CS50 Shuttle webpage becomes blank except for the title "CS50 Shuttle", the "Start Engine", "Pick Up" and "Drop Off" buttons and "no announcements at ...
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Very badly stuck at removing placemarks

I am having trouble removing placemarks. My pickup function picks up the passengers and renders the seating chart correctly, but placemarks from the 3D map are not being removed, thus I can pickup a ...
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Can I earn an honor code certificate without submitting problem set 8? [duplicate]

I have a problem installing the google earth plugin. I have a chromebook on which I have virtualbox installed (chrubuntu). While the appliance works fine, I can barely even start windows on the laptop....
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Problem with the Google Earth Plugin error message in pset 8

I get this error message when I try to open index.html in pset8: There was a problem with the Google Earth Plugin. Please try reloading the page. If that doesn't help, you can re-install the ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Is Pset8 optional?

It is mentioned "if unable to get the Google Earth Plug-in working on your computer, you may skip this problem set." Does this means pset8 is optional??
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Google Earth plugin not available inside appliance

I am running the appliance in Windows and I installed the Google Earth plugin in the Windows Chrome browser. When I open pset8's index.html in the appliance Chrome browser I am getting an error that ...
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