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pset4 filter greyscale error

When I run "make helper," the following error comes up: "undefined reference to `main'" and "linker command failed with exit code 1" What am I doing wrong?? thank you in ...
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1 answer

Two problems with pset4 in Grayscale and Sepia

The following code keeps on giving me bugs about something I can't figure out when checking with check50 and I'm not sure what's wrong. here's the code: // Convert image to grayscale void grayscale(...
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2 answers

check50 error on helpers.c in pset4

I'm currently working on the filters assignment in pset4 of CS50. My code compiles and runs without issue and produces the results it should on all the stock images. However when I run check50 I get ...
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2 answers

Rounding Issue with Grayscale and Blur

I seem to be having problems with rounding numbers in these two functions. I am making sure to work with floats and I'm using the round() function so I'm stuck scratching my head at the minute! ...
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1 answer

CS50 filter issues with greyscale, sepia, and blur

for greyscale I get issues with check50, but the program appears to operate correctly. With sepia and blur, the image outputted is the same as the image inputted. For blur, I would also be curious to ...
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