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1 answer

Mashup - Listener for click on marker not working

I've been struggling with setting up a listener and opening content above a marker lately. When I click on the marker, nothing happens. I tried approaching this through calling showInfo() from the ...
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1 answer

getMap() method with infoWindow object

guys! Does anybody know, how it is possible to use getMap() method with infoWindow object while it is not included into official infoWindow methods' list? if (!info.getmap || !info.getmap()) Thanks in ...
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1 answer

CS50 Pset8: Info Window Not Showing

I have been working on addMarker() from scripts.js and was stuck at the second half of the prompt. My markers and labels are showing perfectly, however, the info windows are not popping up when I ...
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pset8 addMarker undefined in info window

I can show markers on the map and open info window when clicked the markers. However, the info window cannot show the list of articles, instead it only shows a bulletpoint and "undefined". From the ...
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1 answer

pset8 infowindow shows up only after click twice

I have spent hours but still could not figure out why info-window would not show up on the first click. The correct info-window will show up only after the second click. Then for the rest of the info-...
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PSET8 problem with infowindow

I wanted to ask for some advice on where can I update my infowindow in case if there are no news for the area. I will show you what I have already tried. function showInfo(marker, content) { // start ...
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1 answer

pset8 addmarker info window

guys this is how far i went in my add marker function i can get the object and every thing is working just the way i want but i have no idea on how to add the info window . any tip on where to start ...
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1 answer

Mashup Infowindow Opening on Same Markers

I'm almost finished with Pset8 (Yes!). My text boxes, info window and articles are all showing. The only remaining issue I have is that when opening my InfoWindow. When I click on certain marker, I ...
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