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1 answer

(pset3) breakout initBrick issue

I'm currently trying to instantiate 1 row of bricks before moving on to 5. Before implementing the for loop I made sure I could instantiate 1 brick on the screen, exactly where i want it. No problem ...
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1 answer

breakout initBricks Why do I get 10 rows and 5 columns?

So I have been trying to initiate the bricks for breakout in pset3. But the outcome of my nested loop is this : I don't understand why I get 10 rows and 5 columns of bricks, rather than 5 rows and ...
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2 answers

in pset4 only 1 row of bricks appear even with nested loop

This is what I've done so far for pset 4 (I've started on main, initPaddle & initBricks) I have trouble printing out the bricks on the screen from the 2nd row onwards; the window doesn't show ...
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initBricks as a 2d array of labelled bricks

i am trying to create a labelled 2d array of GRects called brick[i][j]. implementing the code below i am getting an error: breakout.c:112:23: error: variable-sized object may not be initialized ......
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