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DNA Week 6 | Issues

I have been working on this DNA problem for a while now, and I do not understand what causes the many problems. Right now there are just some technical problems, for example saying "No match"...
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cs50 project3: django multivaluedictkeyerror

I am working on CS50 Web Programming with Python and JavaScript Project 3. I keep getting the multidictkeyerror everytime i tried to submit the form. It seems like the value just does not get ...
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CS50 Finance pset8 KeyError on /buy of

I am having real trouble solving the issue I have with the /buy section of the task. I keep getting struck with an issue on the following section of code: db.execute("INSERT INTO transactions (...
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Pset7 Finance Key Error in Buy

I have some trouble with the insertion into the database table in the buy section. I get a KeyError: "id". This is my code: result = db.execute("INSERT INTO transactions (id, symbol, price, shares, ...
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pset7 finance key error but there is a key? def index

i have trouble with KeyError although my dict have key here is my def index() here is my error massage
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Strange sudden error in pset7 staff implemented login (key error 'id')

I'm currently working on pset7, cs50 finance. I just implemented the buy method, and when I went to login on my site, I encountered a key error, pointing to 'id' in the following line in the login ...
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