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1 answer

CS50 appliance : issues with keyboard

When I'm on CS50 appliance, my azerty keyboard suddenly switches to querty keyboard. So when I presse a (for ex.) it prints q... and so on ! I don't know why, and don't know how to fix it. I tried ...
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0 answers

Typing hashtag in gedit using a mac keyboard

I've already changed my keyboard layout to English (UK) as per these instructions (Configure appliance for QWERTY layout (UK)). Every key is now correctly assigned except for hashtag, which on my ...
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1 answer

Italian Mac Keyboard

I need some help! I've just installed the CS50 Appliance 2014, but I'm Italian and I'm using a Macbook Pro, so everything on the keyboard is different. I've tried to switch to "Italian", "Italian (...
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1 answer

Mac keyboard when using CS50 Appliance

I am using a macbook (in the UK) to run the CS50 Appliance, and am struggling to find all the characters that I need. I have discovered the following: (hash) # = Shift + 3 (tilde) ~ = Shift + ...
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2 answers

Curly brackets on my keyboard

I'm having a problem when using the CS50 appliance on my MacBookPro. I can't find the curly brackets on my keyboard. I'm portuguese and I'm not really sure if my keyboard is a potuguese one since I ...
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1 answer

Spanish Keyboard Layout

I'm trying to find a spanish layout to my Apple spanish keyboard, but there's a problem with the "<>" and the "ºª\" keys. Inside the appliance those keys are not working right, the "<>" key, ...
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1 vote
3 answers

On-Screen keyboard

I'm disabled and use an on-screen keyboard to type and I'm having a problem with VMWare. VMware won't accept input from my primary OSK (SofType) or from the default Windows 8 on-screen keyboard - is ...
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