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Lab 6 World-Cup | Timed out issue

Check50 says, and I qoute, "timed out while waiting for program to exit" in some of the criterias, I don't understand what infinite loop is causing this. Can you help? # Simulate a sports ...
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Scrabble lab: question about functionality of arrays

after being stuck on the Scrabble problem for a while (mostly because I'm quite confused about arrays), I looked at section of the solution. However I'm quite confused still with this section of the ...
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I found the bug! Now how do have it so it does not respond "Hello, name from location"?

#include <cs50.h> #include <stdio.h> int main(void) { // Ask for your name and where live string answer = get_string ("What is your name? "); string answer = get_string ("...
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Trouble with Lab 4 smiley

I've written the following code to change the colour of the smiley face, and thought I finally understood what to do. However even though there are no compilation errors it doesn't change the colour ...
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comparison between pointer and integer ('const char' and 'char')

I'm not familiar with C, not sure what this error means.. could anyone help? #include <ctype.h> #include <cs50.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> // Points assigned to ...
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Week 2 Lab Scrabble

I am working on the scrabble lab and I am unsure of where I have gone wrong in my code. #include <ctype.h> #include <cs50.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> // Points ...
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Lab 2 Compute Score

So, I am trying to convert every letter of the word to lowercase but it isn't working. Here is my code: int compute_score(string word) { // TODO: Compute and return score for string for (int i ...
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2 answers

Segmentation Fault on Inheritance, Lab 5

I tried lab4 but I was having issues so I watched Brian's solution walkthrough. The code compiles and all goes well but when I run the program it shows a segmentation fault. debug50 shows a segfault ...
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lab 5 // issue when freeing family memory

Hi I have an issue with freeing the family memory in my code: when I run my code the issue seems to be from the free memory for the parents section but I am not sure what's wrong void free_family(...
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I cannot get the color of the button to change

<html lang="en"> <head> <link href="" rel="stylesheet"> ...
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