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Linked list, List isn't passing by reference?

I've really been struggling with PSET5 so I decided to take a step back and write a simple linked list program. My program take in an array of characters as a command line argument and stores each ...
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Why am I able to insert an element into a hash tree via Main() but not via a function call?

I'm fairly certain this has something to do with pointers and the function using copies instead, but I'm not sure how...because I've inserted the pointer as a parameter for create(); #include <...
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singly-linked list issues

this is not directly related to the problem set, but maybe somebody can help me out nevertheless. I'm trying to understand the singly-linked list and so I've attempted to write one on my own, based on ...
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creating linked list, problem understanding code

I am trying to write comments to understand a program to implement inserting a node at nth position I am not able to understand the last line in insert function temp2->next = temp1; //??temp 1 that ...
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