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I can't figure out how to compile wordle on windows 10 VS code (WITH COMMAND LINE ARGS) and I can't compile at all with the CS50 library on Mint Linux

I went to the Github page for this that everyone recommends. I got an error code that there was a missing repository with curl, trying to install CS50 library. I have dual boot system. On windows 10, ...
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get_string() C function not working

I just began CS50 and was trying to copy some of the examples done on the lecture video. I use opensuse tumbleweed(also a little new to it) and I had installed the cs50 c library just as the ...
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Unable To Install CS50 Library for C on Android Termux

I downloaded cs50 library for C per the instructions on cs50 docs site. I then unzip it and run sudo make install but it display the error below: No superuser binary detected. Are you rooted? I'm ...
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Pong assignment, using linux Mint

I am very new to the whole world of coding so I apologize for the novice questions. I have tried starting the Pong assignment and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to open the Pong that I ...
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Compilation error in hello.c: undefined reference to `get_string'

I'm getting the following error after running make hello. I downloaded the latest version of libcs50from the GitHub releases page and installed using sudo make install. I'm running the program on ...
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l produces same result as ls when typed into terminal?

I was typing ls into my terminal and accidentally hit enter after typing just l. To my surprise this prints out the same list of files and directories as typing ls would have produced: ~/workspace/...
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API_KEY and API_SECRET are shown using set | grep API_KEY, but error nonetheless

I have set my API_KEY and API_SECRET. I can actually see them using set | grep API_KEY. The correct KEY is shown API_KEY in red and then the exact same value of the API_KEY. I checked, no spaces ...
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running phpliteadmin on local machine?

I'm trying to work on pset7 on my linux machine (I don't have the best internet connection and this results in cloud9 being slow and occasionally buggy). I've gotten almost everything installed and ...
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Double Tab Command Line - Partial Word - List

On my Linux command line, when I type a letter, or a group of letters (such as 'fr','nan', or 'ca'), pressing the tab key twice lists the following (using the above examples): fr: free freetype-...
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Problems with style50 using emacs

Sorry guys, but I'm not used to use gedit, so I use emacs instead The problem with emacs is that I don't know how to set properly the .emacs file in order to indent lines properly. Can anyone help ...
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Linux Appliance for the CS50 Course

Since I am already running Linux Unbuntu will I still need to download the Linux Appliance for this course ? The reason why I am asking is I have limited hard drive space due to the fact I have a ...
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Cannot connect to internet in Bare Metal

I just installed the CS50 Appliance in Bare Metal so that the O.S. could use all of my Laptop's RAM. But I can't connect to the internet, can you guys help me? I don't know anything in Linux.
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appliance50 only shows on a blank screen in VMware

I'm running a a mid 2010 MacbookPro with OSX 10.9.4 and have installed VMware and downloaded appliance50. When I try to run it however, I don't see a desktop, just a black screen with a cursor that ...
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sudo gedit /etc/hosts ERROR

As per the instruction for PSET7 I need to do execute the following in the terminal window. sudo gedit /etc/hosts In order to make changes in "read-only" file Executing the above give me this error ...
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How to Install the Tools for the Course on Ubuntu

As per the question I have had nothing but trouble trying to use the virtual versions of the cs50 software, namely the virtual machine crashes runs slowly or just generally feels like my fingernails ...
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Appliance install on Linux - No go with VMware or VirtualBox on Linux Mint, Ubuntu

Do any of my fellow students have the appliance up and running on a Linux box? If you do please let me know what Linux distribution you are running, which installation instructions you followed that ...
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