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pset2 - Bulbs - reversing array turns out wrong

I managed to make the right sequence of binary code (in reverse). Next, I do a for loop for reversing it, but it prints out wrong. I have no idea what happens, as the original array is correct, ...
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where am i making mistake here? problem set2 substitution

hey here i am trying to return 0 if argument string contains all 26 alphabet characters otherwise function should return 1 and print message]1 ]
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help with python loops

I am trying to make a program for myself, not really related to any particular problem set. The issue I am having is that I want a loop to iterate over a block of code and force the user to give one ...
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Final Project - if statement with regex not working?

Working on my final project and I'm stuck trying to edit user input. The below code should take the first string in a list and check if it's numeric. If it is, great, that's what I want, otherwise, I ...
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Why the if statements don't work when I put them into loops? Caesar PSET2

Help, please. The program works fine until I want to add the loops and when I do that the if statements inside it won't work and it will just ask for the key and will output the same text as the input ...
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