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Pong assignment, using linux Mint

I am very new to the whole world of coding so I apologize for the novice questions. I have tried starting the Pong assignment and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to open the Pong that I ...
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1 answer

FINAL PROJECT for cs50! can i make a game using unity and c#?

I just want to know if its ok to submit a game made with Unity using c# for the final project or do I need to make a game with LOVE2d using lua only?
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4 answers

Love2D Game not loading

When I try and load a game on Love2D (for GD50), I am unable to get the game to work. I know that there is no problem in the code, as I tried with different codes, even with code downloaded from the ...
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1 answer

Just started games50 Game Development no environment?

What am I missing? I see he jumps into coding and gives commands in the integrated vscode terminal but never explained anything about installing packages for the environment? I tried installing Love ...
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Can't render correct font size and isDown movement in LOVE (Pong 3 - Paddle Movement update)

I was implementing Pong - 3 update (GD50) but got stuck in the paddle movement and font size rendering in LOVE. I cross checked the whole code from GD50 repo. On checking LOVE resources, I couldn't ...
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final project LOVE lua moving text enemy (e.g space invader enemies)

So I am making a space shooter vocabulary game where you are in a spaceship and you have to shoot the right spellings of words if you shoot the wrong ones then you lose a life but the thing is I am ...