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mario-more does not pass check50 even though it appears like it should

There is something wrong with these checks for mario. I spent too much time googling but nothing helps. I tried different codes and nothing passes the check, but it works properly. It seems like ...
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CS50 2023 Problem Set 1 Mario-more Check50 incorrect?

I am fairly confused with the Check50 results. I seem to have written the correct code for this problem and all testing shows its working as intended. My code is below: #include <cs50.h> #...
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Check does not like my spacing on Mario.sentimental. Is the program unwilling to print ' ' * 0 as no spaces?

I've run this in various configurations, when I remove excess spaces, it still prints out with a space at the beginning of each line. And the center spacing seems to be larger than check50 expects, ...
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