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2 answers

Which loop can be replaced for nested for loops for PSET 1 (Mario More Comfortable)?

According to the cs50 style guide for C, more than 3 variables for iteration is not a good practice. I have done Pset 1 (Mario more comfortable) with 5 for loops, so it has 5 iterations variables. Is ...
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2 votes
2 answers

PSET1:: Mario More Comfortable :: confused about check50 output

I am sorry if I miss something obvious here, but I am an absolute beginner. I get the following output from check50, which I am confused about: I will attach my code below, but my output for 2 is: ...
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1 vote
2 answers

I don't know why check50 HATES ME?! mario.more

Here's my code for mario.more. [removed solution code] When i execute this code, it performs exactly how it should look according to Walkthrough: But when I run check50, the terminal goes like ...
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1 answer

Query related to Mario program(more) in CS50 pset1

I can't figure out the problem in my code, it successfully creates a pyramid but doesn't reprompt when value other than 1-8 is entered, also it gives a space before printing the pyramid, causing ...
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2 answers

When printing mario problem the second triangle appears below the first one

#include <stdio.h> #include <cs50.h> int main(void) { //This do while loop checks if user entered number 1-8 int x; do { x = get_int("Height: "); } while ...
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1 answer

Trouble with the hacker edition of mario.c

I have been struggling with the hacker edition of mario.c for over 2 hours. If I give a height of 5 I only get 4 rows as shown in the attached image. /* C Program which prints mario's right aligned * ...
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1 answer

pset6 problem with, even my output is correct but check50 is still showing error

This is my code in python import cs50 while True: print("height: ", end="") height= cs50.get_int(); if height>=0 and height<=23: break for i in range(1,height+1): ...
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1 answer

pset6 - mario more - check50 EOF error

My pset6's mario-more Python implementation works fine. However, check50 is returns the following errors: :( handles a height of 0 correctly / did not find EOF :( handles a height of 23 ...
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1 answer

Troubles with mario.c more

when I executed I have this errors: :( handles a height of 1 correctly expected "# #\n", not "# #\n" :( handles a height of 2 correctly expected " # #\n## ##\n", not " # #\n## ##\n" :( ...
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1 answer

mario-more does not pass check50 even though it appears like it should

There is something wrong with these checks for mario. I spent too much time googling but nothing helps. I tried different codes and nothing passes the check, but it works properly. It seems like ...
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1 answer

CS50 2023 Problem Set 1 Mario-more Check50 incorrect?

I am fairly confused with the Check50 results. I seem to have written the correct code for this problem and all testing shows its working as intended. My code is below: #include <cs50.h> #...
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0 votes
1 answer

Check50 issue pset1

This is the link that compares my output to expected output. Isn't it exactly the same. Still CS50 bot keeps rejecting it.
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0 votes
1 answer

Check does not like my spacing on Mario.sentimental. Is the program unwilling to print ' ' * 0 as no spaces?

I've run this in various configurations, when I remove excess spaces, it still prints out with a space at the beginning of each line. And the center spacing seems to be larger than check50 expects, ...
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pset6 mario(more).py check50 problems even when output is correct?

Working on mario (more).py port into python. My code works and it seems to output the correct things, but check50 does not like it. Can anyone point me in the right direction of where I am incorrect?
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