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1 answer

PS5 - Speller - Unload function

I have been going through the Pset5 (Speller) and I am currently stuck. Right now, I am just trying to have a functional code, so I am not worried about how optmized my functions (specially the Hash ...
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1 answer

Memory leak in Recover (PSet4)

I'm working on Recover and it all works fine but I've got a memory leak I don't know how to get rid of. My code is this: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdint.h> ...
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1 answer

pset5 unload + valgrind

I tried to solve problem with memory usage but did not figure out where is the problem. Dictionary unloads successfully but still issue with memory access exists. I think that problem with ...
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PSET 5: valgrind: memory marked as 'still reachable'

fortunately I finally made it through speller. The only thing remaining is a valgrind error: ==2226== HEAP SUMMARY: ==2226== in use at exit: 8,013,096 bytes in 143,091 blocks ==2226== total heap ...
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1 answer

Valgrind error on speller

My question is about an error I am getting on check50 from memory errors. I am passing all other checks and when I compare my solution with the staff solution - I match 100%. I am struggling to get my ...
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