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How to debug pset8 search.php?

Hello I have trouble to do any debuging in search.php pset8. In previous problems there where always some way to print my variables and figure out what was wrong with my querys och logics. However in ...
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pset7 sell: MVC problem

I can't seem to connect my sell_index.php (Where I get the symbols in with query) with my view, sell_form.php, because $symbols is empty. I have sell working if I directly get symbols in sell_form.php,...
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Webdesign (final project question)

so I am having a bit of a problem here with editing my web project. This is my main.php: which is located in /final/public/main.php <?php $path = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']; $path .= "/...
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which files must be in public directory? how to hide the others?

According to the MVC concept, the users of the website should not see any logic involved in the website development. But if we look at the pset7, for example, there are files like buy.php, sell.php ...
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How to use AJAX in C$50 Finance?

Corresponding to the MVC design flow, how do we use AJAX to make requests. Say I have a delete.php in /public and delete_form.php in /templates. Now the form gets rendered when someone clicks Delete. ...
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Does CS50 Finance follow MVC design?

To the experts, is it designed by following the MVC approach or is it just procedural programming that separates logic and views?
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