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What is wrong with my nested loop? Why doesn´t it print what it should?

So, I am trying now to make a pyramid of hashtags which in every row has a number of spaces before from the left side of the hashtag. In the program it starts with a prompt from the user between 1-8 , ...
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1 answer

PSET 2: Nested IF statement

I'm trying to solve Caesar cypher ploblem from the course by using an if statement inside another if statement (Nested IF statement? apologies if I'm using the term incorrectly.) My draft attempt in ...
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1 answer

I have a nested for loop, with if conditions that won't print out

My vigenere program, compiles and has most of the check50 test-thingy right. However, I cannot get the program to print out the cipher. Not sure what is legal here or not but I have gone over and ...