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I tried a lot of ways but couldn't figure out why this exit code is always 1.(cs50p-Pset5)

It's the test result of my cs50p course of week 5(Back to the Bank). But when I check my code manually, it seems completely fine to me and I think that there is no problem. But the problem is in the ...
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Exception has occured: attempt to index a nil value (global 'love')

Could somebody explain this issue to me? I am trying to run a love2d program to start the game development course. I am on a Chromebook using the bash terminal provided by visual studio code. I copy ...
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cs50 2019 Vs 2020

I have just started with cs50 and registered via EdX as auditing the course, now I noticed the lectures linked on EdX are noted as 2019 on Youtube while a new session is going on as 2020 on Youtube. ...
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Pset3 Recover - need some help with my logic. Compiles but generates nothing

struggling as usual. I can't seem to figure out what I'm missing here. It compiles ok but when I run it nothing seems to happen. Any pointers to what I am missing? It is probably something looking ...
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How do I get on the CS50 Slack page?

I'm new to the course and have a few questions before I begin. I wanted to join the CS50 slack page but was unable to get in. Anyone have an idea know how to join? Also, where will I be coding for ...
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